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6-Step Self-Care Coaching Program

A path to get you back to you


Self-Care Assessment

I know you’ve struggled to make you and your self-care a priority, so we’ll start off doing a self-care assessment of various areas of your life. We’ll set your self-care goals and you’ll have concrete action steps to start taking care of YOU.



In order to see how your self-care can fit into your life, we need to understand how you are spending your time…and whether this is in alignment with what is most important to you. Here is where we’ll dig into your values and establish priorities that actually include YOU.



It’s hard to commit to self-care when you don’t value yourself as much as everything else you are putting first. In this step, we’ll reinforce how important YOU are and how self-care will strengthen you for yourself and for those you care about.



A major requirement for self-care is self-consideration. Here is where we’ll delve into how you can honor yourself, set boundaries, and deal with toxic energy. We’ll also work on building a positive team to support you.



Self-care is about doing things you need AND the things you want. In this step we’ll identify the things you are responsible to yourself for, as well as what you desire, so you can set new self-care goals that allow you to satisfy both your needs and your wants.


Self-Care Plan

Now that you have new goals in place, we’ll strategize your action plan to achieve and maintain them. We’ll take into account the obstacles and setbacks that may occur, so you have a comprehensive plan for how to move forward.

So, are you ready to start taking care of YOU?

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