Helping you prioritize YOU

Maybe you’ve been so caught up in your responsibilities that you’ve put YOUR needs and desires on the backburner.

And you’ve been discouraged and frustrated because you know you are neglecting yourself…

But every time you try to focus on you, something else comes up that requires your attention!

It’s time you tried a new tactic.

What if you had someone to:

*help you re-align your priorities (and schedule) to include YOU

* help you have more clarity on your self-care goals and the specific steps you will take to reach them

* help you set boundaries and game plan so you’re prepared for the obstacles and distractions that keep popping up

* help you stay committed to YOU

I’ve got you!


Toyah’s 6-Step Self-Care Coaching Program

I love to see you give yourself the time and attention you deserve

My greatest reward as a coach is seeing my clients transform themselves and their lives. And as a certified Self-Care Life Coach, I’m here to usher you through a process that will help you prioritize yourself and finally do the things you need and want to do for YOU!

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